Ag Committee Meeting Tomorrow, April 24

It is our understanding that the Ag Committee meeting tomorrow will hear both Rep Niceley’s bill (HB0976) to protect us from the NAIS and Rep. Litz’s bill (HB1855) to implement the NAIS in Tennessee.

I know you’ve heard it before, but your presence is needed at the Ag Committee meeting room, number 27, at 9:30. If you cannot come, and even if you can, please call the members of the Ag Committee and urge them to vote FOR HB0976 and AGAINST HB1855.

Contact information for all committee members is available here.

If you are in Giles County, please be sure to call Eddie Bass, your Rep.

No NAIS! Not Now, Not Ever.

Talking points for calls and emails:

  • NAIS will hurt Tennessee’s economy:
    • There has been no analysis at federal or state level that establishes the costs or benefits of NAIS.
    • Costs of the program include the cost of the tags, hardware, software, time and labor.
    • Many small farmer and ranchers cannot afford these costs.
    • Service providers (veterinarians, feed stores, auction houses, meat processors, etc.) will be harmed when the farmers and ranchers go out of business.
    • Remaining farmers will pass the costs on to consumers, lowering demand for local foods.
  • Neither the USDA nor the TDA has scientific proof that NAIS will improve disease control:
    • It does not address the cause, treatment, or transmission of disease, in domestic or wild animals.
    • It does not significantly improve on current methods for identification and tracking of disease.
  • NAIS is not necessary for the market. Age- and source-verification is already available through the USDA’s Process Verified Program.
  • NAIS will not improve food safety.
    • USDA itself has stated that this is not a food safety program.
    • Contamination of food with e. coli and other bacteria occurs at the slaughterhouse or afterwards, while NAIS will stop before that point.
  • NAIS will not protect against terrorism.
    • The microchips chosen by the state can be cloned, destroyed, or infected with computer viruses, and reprogrammed. Any terrorist or thief can use this.
    • The database of information, created by TDA and available to USDA, will provide a target for hackers.
  • NAIS infringes on people’s constitutional rights, including due process, privacy, and religious freedom.
  • NAIS unfairly attacks the rights of pet owners and those who raise animals as food for their family.
  • USDA states that NAIS is voluntary at the federal level, so there is no “federal mandate” requiring Tennessee to implement this program.
  • Other states are also rejecting or limiting NAIS, so Tennessee will not be disadvantaged by refusing to participate.
  • Please support bills to stop NAIS from being implemented in Tennessee.