TFF Charter

We will promote the health and livelihood of Tennesseans by encouraging farmers and independent business owners and property holders.

Whereas all mankind must have food to subsist and that food must be healthy enough to promote vibrant life, and

Whereas Tennessee’s farmers are now bound and threatened by current and pending state and federal laws that now and tomorrow prevent them from selling their products to the public, and

Whereas Tennesseans, farmers and consumers, are hindered by law from choosing the foods they want and need, and

Whereas small farmers in Tennessee have no honourable voice to plead their case before the general public, the media, and the legislature, and

Whereas, by the grace of God, all Tennesseans own the common law right to raise their own food on property they sovereignly own and to purchase food for themselves and their families as they deem fit,

Tennessee Farmers and Freeholders hereby announces its formation in this desperate hour to breathe new hope into Tennessee’s small farms by rallying, organizing, and fighting for them. Our beloved way of life on our farms and our ancient rights to care for our families and ourselves as we deem fit demand that we speak and work to free ourselves from the bondage of legislation that hinders our livelihood and health. Moreover, the times call us to work to relentlessly roll back the regulations now that cripple our rights to raise livestock, hold dear our privacy, and nourish ourselves. Whether we work through seminars that promote financial freedom, through farming field days and education, through legislation, if we can make Tennesseans free to rule their lives under the care of a loving, sovereign God, we will.