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Two candidates that need our support August 3rd

There are two candidates that need our support this August 3rd to get re-elected:

Representative Glen Casada has worked tirelessly for the past two years, trying to make the sale of raw milk legal in Tennessee. As crazy as it sounds, in America you can go to jail for selling milk � from a cow! Though the Raw Milk Bill failed last year, Representative Casada sponsored it again this year. Please help this brave man keep his seat.

Representative Frank Niceley this year sponsored a bill that would have seriously curtailed an animal identification system in the state. Such a system not only threatens to empty the wallets of Tennesseans who raise livestock, but it would essentially mean that you must have a license to raise a cow or a pig. Thankfully, Representative Niceley saw how ridiculous such a scheme is and risked himself to try and stop it. What’s more, he has been an outspoken proponent of legal raw milk in Tennessee.

These men are voices of reason on the hill of insanity in Nashville. And, in such fashion they are also pro-life and pro-homeschooling.

To support them please contribute to their campaigns. Send any amount you can afford. When you contribute, tell them exactly why you are contributing (NAIS or raw milk.) Here are their addresses:

Rep. Frank Nicely Campaign
1023 Creek Rd
Strawberry Plains, TN 37871

Rep. Glen Casada Campaign
4893 Bethesda-Duplex Rd
College Grove TN 37046

P.S. Senator Bryson, who is also running for governor could use our support as well. He was a co-sponsor of the Raw Milk Bill in the Senate. You can contribute to his campaign online, and again, be sure to tell him why so he will know what you expect.

Click here for official election information.