Quick! Stop latest attempt to slip in NAIS!

Since the Federal Reserve Bill was sneaked into law just before Christmas 1913, when many members had already left for the holiday, congress has had a history of sneaking through legislation and ramming it down an unwilling country’s throat.

A believable source just warned me that members of congress are trying to slip NAIS in at the last minute before the Memorial Day holiday by attaching it to the Country of Origin Labeling Bill now in the House Agriculture committee.

You need to call the following, and tell them you don’t want NAIS, and you sure don’t want it to be attached to the Country of Origin Labelling Bill. Urge them to vote against it:

  • Leonard Boswell — Livestock Subcommittee, House Ag Comm, (202) 225-3806
  • Collin Peterson — Chairman, House Ag Comm, (202) 225-2165

(I understand Collin Peterson is from Minnesota, and that there’s a big RFID chip manufacturer in his district, but don’t have time to check that out right now.)

If you don’t call today, it probably won’t do any good. Please—call now.

No NAIS! Not now, not ever!