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Finally, A Vote!

The moment we’ve been waiting for is at hand: the moment to hammer a nail in the head of NAIS in Tennessee.

The House Ag Committee will vote on Frank Niceley’s bill HB 976 this coming Tuesday, May 1, 2007. His bill would forbid any state funds to be spent on any animal identification system unless it is voluntary.

Last week, the Ag Committee heard debate on this bill and amended it in acceptable ways.

As the bill now reads, it provides that no state funds may be used for anything but a voluntary system and that a mandatory system can only be put in place on a Federal level. This coming week it is number one on the Ag Committee agenda.

On the Federal level, mandatory animal ID has failed and is failing for a variety of reasons.

We believe that a voluntary NAIS will fail because of high costs. Already, pro-NAIS forces in Tennessee have been brought to confusion and shame of face.

What do we need now?

Please call the members of the Ag Committee — at the very least, Steve McDaniel, Johnny Shaw, and Bill Dunn. Contact info for the Ag Committee members is available here. If you contact Rep. Litz, be sure to thank him for his cooperation so far.

Please remember that telephone calls have the greatest impact. Ask to speak to the representative himself. If you just cannot call, then fax. If you can’t fax, then e-mail, but remember that one call is worth a thousand e-mails.

Here’s what to say to them, in your own words. If you are ugly, shout or scream, curse, etc., you will hurt our cause. Rather, be polite but forceful, and know in advance what you are going to say so that you can keep it short and too the point.

  1. Tell him that you oppose the National Animal Identification system, and especially making it mandatory.
  2. Tell him that you are in favour of Representative Frank Niceley’s bill No. 0976 to forbid any state funds being used for anything except a voluntary animal identification system.
  3. Ask him to vote FOR Representative Niceley’s bill No. 0976 when the Agriculture Committee votes on Tuesday.

We have fought our way down a long, dusty road fighting NAIS. Please, when we stand this close to victory, don’t let up. Make those calls. Send those faxes and e-mails. Circulate this alert as widely as you can.

And pray God for victory.

NO NAIS! Not now, not ever!

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