Tennessee NAIS Update

Rep. Frank Niceley and Stanley Dobson, president of TN Appaloosa Horse Association, both spoke before the House Ag Committee this past Tuesday regarding Rep. Niceley’s bill against the NAIS. In God’s wonderful providence it happened to be some sort of Farm Bureau Member day on the hill and the room was packed with regular Farm Bureau members. Rep. Niceley said the response from the crowd after he and Mr. Dobson spoke was fantastic. Apparently, farmers are waking up to the poison being shoved down their throats.

What can you do?

  1. Cancel your Farm Bureau Insurance. Click here to download a printable flyer with a couple of choices that were recommended by friends who have  done so already. Feel free to use this flyer and add to the list of insurance companies.
  2. Keep your ears peeled. We’ll let you know when there’ll be another meeting on the hill.

Thanks to all for your help.